Alevizakos Pavlos Dr. med. MEOCLINIC - Gefäßchirurg in Berlin-Mitte Karte
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Alevizakos Pavlos Dr. med. MEOCLINIC - Gefäßchirurg

Friedrichstr. 71 10117 Berlin-Mitte
030 20 94-40 00
  • Ärzte: Gefäßchirurgie
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Alevizakos Pavlos Dr. med. MEOCLINIC - Gefäßchirurg

030 20 94-40 00

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Empfänger: Alevizakos Pavlos Dr. med. MEOCLINIC - Gefäßchirurg

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  • 10.10.2017 Laura Vicente Laura Vicente

    der schlimmste Arzt aller Zeiten

  • 28.09.2015 nadou

    DR ADLER is the WORST doctor that I have ever met. To make it short, I got an operation done that I didn’t really need (septum operation-Nasenscheidewand-Operation). (I was told that I didn’t need this operation by the doctor I saw after I got the operation, that this type of operation often do not work for healing my mucus problem – and it didn’t, its now 3 months after the operation and its worst then ever.) He also lied about the healing time (saying it takes only a few days). If I would of know that the standard time off work after this type of operation is 3 weeks (this is what his replacement doctor told me), I would of not done it at my busiest time of the year (but I asked him many times how long, he said only 4 days then I’m back to normal and that I could even work while I was in the hospital. I was even supposed to travel the week after my operation (and he knew this)… but also found out AFTER that there is no flying for 3 weeks from his replacement doctor). Looking back, I feel he was just telling me what I wanted to hear so he could operate me and then it would too late, I would have to cancel everything on my side and he would have his $. He is also too old to still be operating on patients, he has very shaky hands and is extremely forgetful. When I met him I was worried to get an operation with him because there were so many signs that he was no longer a competent doctor but he was being so nice to me that I felt I should give him a chance and try not to worry about his shaking hands nor by the fact that he kept on forgetting the reason I was getting operated EVERY time I saw him. I was not so worry either because he kept on saying how it’s an easy operating, in and out, takes no time, feel better quickly.. I though I would be no big deal. But, no, it was a MAJOR operation and now I really regret to have trusted dr Adler and not have seen an other doctor for a second opinion. The only reason I stayed with him at first was because he was so nice, but this I also regretted since once I was operated he turned into an extremely mean person. Now 3 months after the operation, my symptoms are worst then before AND I now have a nose that looks terrible with a bump on it (he also reassured me that my nose would look exactly the same, an other lie). And finally, if you don’t believe me about the above and decide to do an operation with him. Be aware that the tampons left in the nose is extremely stressful; you cannot breath, sleep, (only a block nose is not bad, but the problem is the throat is swollen from the tube they put in during the OP and from mucus and blood leaking into it, so you can hardly breath from the throat either.). This is why most doctors now (read online) take it out after 24h. But dr Adler always takes his holiday on Tuesday (and only operates on Monday), so this means you are stuck with the tampons for two days. (after 24h I was having panic attacks) SO why go to a private clinic to get better service when the doctor always takes his day off after doing a major operation on someone? Why go through this extra pain when you have so many other options out there where the doctor will see you 24h after and remove the tampon. Really, my worst experience ever.

  • 17.04.2009 Gast

    Nach langer Suche bin ich in der MEOCLINIC endlich angekommen. Auf der Suche nach Spezialisten und ...


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Ärzte: Gefäßchirurgie

Ärzte: Gefäßchirurgie in der Umgebung

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