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Über eine Empfehlung aus dem Bekanntenkreis sind wir - Merle und ich - zu dieser Hundeschule gekommen. Schon bei dem einführenden Hausbesuch habe ich viel über die Beziehung Hund-Mensch gelernt. Auf dieser Grundlage baut das ganze Training auf: Verständnis für die Natur des Hundes, und wie geht man als Mensch damit um. Für dieses Verständnis sind wir Peter Herberth sehr dankbar!

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Never, never, never again. We used to travel by car train but this was an absolute disaster. The train was late and nobody at the trainstation told us why and how long it would take. We had a delay and you promissed us compensation you are recyuired to due to EU law. You did not give the compensation so far. Two toilets were dirty and not working in the beginning. We payed ?35,-- per person for a 3 course meal; a total ripoff. You get a simple salad, a microwave meal and a desert that is half frozen. There were no reservation for the dining compartment; we had to come backt three times to see if there was any place. The reservation is simply not working. We got angry and because we refused to go out of the way, they served the diner in our compartment. But again, it was a waste of money, totally uneatable. Your staff did not give a damn. They were very rude. The aircon did not work and one of the beds was broken. It is really a big shame you operate like this. everything you do is a ripoff; you provide zero service, and you have non functioning material. I even wonder how safe it is to travel with you. Even your website does not give a real view of reality; you use foto?s of cabin?s that were not there on our trip, you talk about aircon cabin?s (were not working), you were unable to serve diner at the dining cabin etc, your crew does NOT help with making the beds etc, etc, etc.. When filing a complaint, and demanding compensation, you threaten with law suits. You answer ma

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